Our specialization
Project Management
At Saunders Design Group, we go beyond the cookie cutter approach with our project management that offers remote management, so clients can continue their daily activities while we take care of their build.
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Architect Design
Building your custom home is an exciting endeavor, but with all the factors that go into making your dream home a reality, it can quickly feel overwhelming. there is a lot to consider. To help make the process easier.
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Value Stand Apart
we stands apart in the residential construction industry and sets the standard for craftsmanship with our "wow factor” designs and the value of our energy-efficient building practises. BUILTGREEN providing rainwater recovery .
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how we work
Buildings With
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We take pride in our innovative ideas and dedicated construction building practice, often what starts out as a custom concept eventually becomes a standard part of the high-quality features you can expect from our company.
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Why Choose Us
Why we are different?
Kelowna BC Custom Home Builder. Saunders Design Group will work with you to design and build your dream home from start to finish. Our goal is to build you the best quality home, guiding you through each step of the way. Licensed & Certified Green Builders. Current references available.
Dedicated Team
Our skilled client assistance and care to detail are what makes Saunders design group the best choice in British Columbia.
On Time
Our professionals and experts will ensure your assignment are delivered on time with 100% quality.
Best Price
We don’t tack on hidden fees, over-inflated price tags, or haggle up. When you work with us.
We make ourselves available, respect your opinions, Our team is here to be your partner, not your contractor.
They are very focused and conscious of every detail in there work. There performance are always reliable and satisfactory, and they follows there work schedule very well.
Jacob Huges
They are very skillful in developing more efficient methods to perform specific tasks. They consistently looks for new ways to help the team.They have a strong grasp and understanding of there job responsibilities.
Elizabeth Brown
They completes work according to promised deadlines. We are impressed with there willingness to give
instructions on the latest technologies and facilities.
Simon Shaw
They always maintains a high level of accuracy in there work.They never neglects even
the smallest detail of tasks assigned to them.They are highy focused and reliable.
Amanda Will