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Av doctors have only one Moto to provide the best solution and service to the clients and making the experience pleasant so that they can sit back and relax. For us it doesn't matter if we have to do to the structured wiring or designing a complex or custom solution for the home. We assure you that we will be using all the latest up to the art technology e and methods so that you can enjoy what you have paid for and also this makes us unique, demandable and top choice by the clients in the state of Arizona.

Internet and Networking (for Office and Home Use, Control, Streaming

It's bad for you if you are still paying the internet company for the service, which is not up to your expectations in Arizona. Are you searching for internet providers that serve in your locality? We've got you covered. AV Doctors provides internet service in and around the state of Arizona. It doesn’t matter if you living in main city or rural area near Arizona. Our wireless networks can reach you. You can have confidence in us to hook up wireless or fibre-optic internet at your home or business. Our service experts can also manage your IT systems to help keep your business fully up and working. We can handle all the internet and network-related services according to your requirements.

Call 480-336-2995 now to schedule your wireless or fiber optic internet service installation.

Need Help Managing Your Network?

AV Doctors can monitor your network and make sure that it's secure at all times. The services we offer include:

  • Wireless internet installation
  • Fibre optic internet installation
  • Telecom system installation
  • IT management
  • Cyber Security

3 Reasons You'll Want To Hire AV Doctors

It's useless to pay for the internet service which is for use and not helping you out in any terms. AV Doctors specializes in wireless and fibre-optic internet service in Arizona. Customers appreciate our services because:

  1. We have over years of experience in internet installation and service experience
  2. We provide residential and commercial internet services
  3. We serve rural and urban areas

Reach us now to get wireless or high-speed fibre-optic internet placed at your home or business.


Our Range of Services

There are several sorts of services we are offering to our clients so that they don’t have to worry about anything because we want to provide comfort for not finding separate companies for the issues. Some of the great professional services which we are offering are as follows.

  • Structured Wiring Service
  • Automation Services
  • Smart Controlling
  • CCTV installation & Designing
  • Portable Device Integration
  • Networking designing & installation
  • Customized Home theatre solutions
  • Complete home audio and video solutions

AV DOCTOR DIS (Design, Install & Support)

Av doctors DIS it's not a fancy name, but it is the foundation of the commitment that we have made with our clients. We understand the mantra of the technology and the needs off the client.


To provide an effective solution, we offer complete assessment of the location we will be providing the complete design of what sort of product will be required and the layout of the equipment’s connectivity. Using our experience and expertise will provide the solution which is feasible and beneficial to you


This dedicated piece of expensive equipments requires proper knowledge of installation, and we are the only one in the state of Arizona who knows to install all the leading brand's equipments. For us it doesn't matter what is the scope of the project if it’s a small installation or complete designing of service, we will do it. we have all the necessary tools and information install the equipment.


Most of the companies are afraid of providing after-sales support due to poor quality of work. AV doctors will provide complete after-sales support and will answer all of your queries so that don't have to worry about during the project work and after the completion of the work.


Alan's technical skill is unsurpassed. He was asked to make sense of a jumble of wires and various connections for an integrated TV. DVR , CD, DVD, and video tape system. He did a great job at a very reasonable cost. He was neat and efficient. I am very impressed and am pleased to recommend his services.

Barnett L.

The job came out great. Alan outperformed the bid and ended up doing half the cable-companies job running wires at no additional charge. As well, he checked on the job for months after installation and payment were complete to be sure everything was working well. Highly recommend his services.

Guy K.

Alan is a true diagnostician. I was so discouraged with the quality of workmanship in the Scottsdale area and FINALLY someone who really knows what he is doing. He alone figured out my TV and remote problems. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any TV install or any audio/visual needs. Number 1 in our book. Joan & Don Scottsdale AZ.

Joan R.

our skills

Home theatre installation is an art, and it requires a lot of expertise and experience to install the system properly. we are in this business for a very long time and we know how to design the system according to the necessity of the client, we know what sort of system will be required to provide you a great experience without crossing the finance limit set by the client and we know how to install the system and to deliver the result according to the expectation of the client from the home theatre system

Whole House Audio Solutions
System Design and Engineering
Lighting Systems and Control
Project Specific Consulting